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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Griffin Review - 2015

266 Bath Street, Glasgow. G2 4JP. Tel: 01413315171.

The Griffin is well know as of recent for their comical, yet controversial chalk messages/drawings. The signage and paint on the exterior was very good. There is no dedicated smoking area.

Inside the Griffin there are 3 bars. One as soon as you walk into the pub, one at the back and one in the function room. The bars are called the Griffin, the Griffinette and the Griffinay.

There is a wide range of drinks available at standard prices for the area. The Bar staff greeted us as soon as we walked into the bar and made us feel welcome. The pub was clean and the staff had their cleaning supplies at the ready.

The toilets could have been better though. The toilet roll holders were broken and one of the hand driers were hanging off the wall. There is also no disabled access to the toilets at all. The bar staff helped a wheelchair user up the first two stairs towards the toilet, then left him there to reach the toilets. The wheelchair user tried to continue, but there was another big step to the toilet. So he was stuck in the middle, not able to go anywhere. Thankfully there was someone going to the toilet at the time that helped him. a simple portable ramp would have solved this ordeal.

For entertainment, The Griffin has a comedy club and holds many different nights in the function room. There is also food available and it smelled delightful!

The Griffin Family that owned the bar before Mr & Mrs Mullen, come over from America to visit the bar regularly and love that the pub has been kept traditional.

This is a great pub if you are popping in before/after the theatre or if you fancy a pub with some nice food and friendly regulars. I would definitely recommend.


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