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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Albert Bar.

332 Langside Road,Crosshill, Glasgow.


Albert Bar

The Albert Bar. 1991.

George Dalrymple was granted a certificate for this pub in 1879. Mr Dalrymple had pubs in Trongate, Gallowgate, Stanley Street, Great Eastern Road now known as the Gallowgate, Main Street Pollokshaws and a Home Brewery at Parkhead just off the Gallowgate.

In 1939 a new lounge was added to the pub, a five apartment house next door was converted into the new lounge. It took the builders 150 days to convert the ultra modern saloon.

The main bar was also modernised at the same time. The main feature of the new lounge was the canopy over the bar, an American style lounge decorated with tall stools in red leather with chrome legs. Small tables were also installed with walnut panelling up to the top of the door then plaster covered the walls to the ceiling. The two fireplaces were tiled,during winter months this gave a warm and cosy feel to the place, new lavatory accommodation was also installed.

The new landlord Angus J MacDonald took over the license in 1937, he was born into the trade in Stratherrick, Inverness-shire where his father had the Whitebridge Hotel. He came to Glasgow in 1929 and went into business for himself as a publican in the Gallowgate, soon afterwards opened another pub in Reidvale Street before taking over the Albert Bar.

Interior of the Albert Bar

Interior view of the Albert Bar. 1939.

Interior of the Albert Bar

Interior view of the Albert Bar. 1953.

In 1970 Helen Toupa was manageress, click here to see a picture of Helen. She went on to run the Jeanie Deans Bar on Govan Road.


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