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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Albion Way.

67 Iona Court, Broomloan Road, Glasgow.


Albion Way

The Albion Way. 1991.

Tennent Caledonian Breweries built a brand new luxury public house in Broomloan Road in 1972 in time for the Christmas parties at a cost of £50.000.

The new venture consisted of a lounge bar and a public bar with plush seats and carpeting and a new infra-red grill, Govan had never seen anything like it before.

The manager of T.C.B's David Aitken said at the time "We hope that the residents of the area will come here to relax and enjoy themselves."

It only took six months to build this new pub which was a real challenge in those days.

The manager of the pub Mr William Harley stayed across the road in the high flats.

Thomas Cordiner Cunningham and Partners the architects and the builders M Muir & Co., were responsible for the design and layout of the building.


Albion Way

Exterior view of the Albion Way. 1973.

Interior of the Albion Way

Behind the bar left to right Mr G Watkin, Miss E Clarke, Mr W Harley jun, the manager, Mr D S Aitken, controller manager of T.C.B's, Mr Jo Shirley-Dale, assistant district manager for T.C.B's, Mr A Thomson, district manager, Mrs M Goode and Mr A Stewart.


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