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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Archibald McPherson.

213 Bernard Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow.

Archibald McPherson ran this old pub in 1887, which sat at the corner of 41 Boden Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow. In 1889 wine and spirit merchant Robert A Burnside took over the property and turned it into a very popular bar. Robert's father Matthew was a well known wine & spirit Merchant in the east end of the city, he had pubs at 18 London Street now London Road, and two pubs on Dalmarnock Road no 174 and 317 and one on Baltic Street no 323 and another on London Road at no. 463.

When his father died Robert took control of the London Street premises and his father's pub at 174 Dalmarnock Road along with his own pub at Bernard Street. His brother Samuel took over the Plaza Bar at 317 Dalmarnock Road and the pub on Baltic Street.

During the First World War Bernard Street premises was run by Isabella Dunn, she was the wife of Robert Burnside who was remarried.


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