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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Argosy Bar.

2200-02 Paisley Road West, Glasgow.

Argosy Sign

This drawing was sketched by Laird-Neon a neon sign makers, 117 Bath Street, Glasgow.

The Argosy was built on the grounds of the old Universal Garage in 1957. The Argosy was advertised as being a modern Roadhouse. Richard Brash was licensee, he formerly owned a pub at 78 Nelson Street in the southside of the city, when the pub was demolished he moved the the new Argosy. He also owned pubs at 245 Hospital Street and 233 Cowcaddens.

Many will still remember these pubs in the 1960s as The Cathcart Bar, 245 Hospital Street at the corner of 53 Cathcart Road and the Subway Bar at 233 Cowcaddens at the corner of 1 Cambridge Lane.


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