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956 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8LU.Tel: 01415641062.


Bannister's 1991.

Named after licensee Gordon Bannister. This well established bar was once called Rex Bar. There's been a pub on this site since 1871, landlord William Cook occupied the premises until 1875, he also ran a small pub in Main Street, Anderson. Well known Cork Cutters and spirit merchant Robert Goold McKinlay then took over the business, Mr McKinlay's well established business dated back to 1848 at 439 Argyle Street. The McKinlay family continued serving the customers here right up until 1943.

Mr McKinlay was born in 1824 and lived with his wife Jane in Argyle Street before moving to Sauchiehall Street, by this time they had a large family of 2 sons 3 daughters and a domestic servant living with them.

In 1944 the pub was taken over by J Jamieson who ran this pub until 1973. Many of us will remember the next licensee Walter Boyle, the pub was then well known as the Rex Bar. Gordon Bannister renamed it Bannisters.

Bannisters 2007

Bannister's 2007.

Oh Oh...

17th April 2007, just after 12.00,

I went into Bannister's with my wife for lunch, the pub was quiet and we had the choice to sit anywhere. We sat to the right of the bar, as I took my coat off my wife went to the loo. Two other gentlemen came in for lunch, after looking at the cheap menu I was for the steak pie and wife was going to have Lasagna and a glass of wine. After about 10 minutes wait I had still not been approached by a member of staff, neither had the two businessmen that came in after us. One of them went to the bar to get attention, but totally ignored him.

My stomach made that much noise the police across the road must have heard it, I was starving. After such a wait the businessmen walked out with not even a refreshment, my wife and I followed them out the door. The staff knew we were there in the pub, but they were to involved in their conversation they didn't bother with four customers which could have been at least £30.00 in the till.

I was taken a back with this silly mistake the staff made, as both my wife and I have dined here before and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I will come back again but I don't know about the two businessmen, who will probably tell their mates what a disaster Bannister's was.

TO THE OWNER get your staff trained.


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