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The Barn Club.

903 Shettleston Road, Glasgow.

Barn Club interior 1972

New Club in Shettleston.

A Cinema, Catholic Church, bingo hall, dancing school, these are just some of the purposes the building at 903 Shettleston Road has served in its 70 years long history. Last Thursday it opened its doors for yet another purpose, a special club.

But few of the people who have visited the premises before could have recognised them. A big renovation scheme was carried out and the new decor is very modern and befitting the name of the club, The Barn Social Club. Club secretary Mr. John Foley told me that the club came about as an amalgamation of several other organisations and local clubs which have now closed.

The Barn offers something to please all its members from dancing to dominoes. The administration is carried out by a committee of 12 and the president is local man Mr. Frank Deeney. Memberships costs a modest £1.50 a year and couples are encouraged to join. "The Barn is a man and wife club, says Mr. Foley.

Although the members have been enjoying the facilities of their club for six days now, the official opening won't be until after the New Year. But it promises to be a star spangled occasion with lots of celebrities being invited along. Already the committee have some star guests in mind, but their names are still top secret. As well as guest artists there is a resident band Second Sound, who are already great favourites.

Members have plenty of opportunities to visit The Barn. It's opened Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Then there's the Wednesday bingo session and a ladies only night on Tuesdays.

Barn Club advert 1972

Advert from 1972.


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