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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Beechwood Tavern.

164 Ardmay Crescent, Kinning Park, Glasgow. G44 4PP. Tel: 01416325476.

Beech Wood Tavern

Beech Wood Tavern. 1991.

In the 1970s The Beechwood was owned by Drybrough's brewery and managed by Pat Harkins who's daughter married Celtic footballer Kenny Dalgleish.

Pat went on to open the New Orleans, Mill Street in Rutherglen in conjunction with Tony Queen a successful bookmaker.

The Florida picture house opened on 31 Dec 1931. It was sold to Gaumont in
1938 and renamed The Gaumont in April 1950. As a wee boy I remember going
there with my big brother on Saturday mornings. I was a very wee boy, as
The Gaumont closed in January 1957 and I turned 5 that same month. The
Gaumont lay empty and became rather derelict. I can remember however
playing on the metal handrails outside, and venturing inside via the (by
now) insecure back door and having a prowl around. But then it was
demolished, and the Beechwood built on the site.

Thank's to Tich Keltie for his email.


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