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Blakley's Bar.

1 Broompark Road, High Blantyre, Glasgow G72 0DP. Tel: 01698 822861.

Blakley's Blantyre

Blakley's Bar, Blantyre. 2005.

Blakley's Bar in High Blantyre is positioned on a corner site on the main thoroughfare, known as the Causeystanes. The bar, which is of a circular type, is composed from floor to ceiling of polished pitch pine. Many of the details in the photograph above have long gone and today you would never know what kind of wood is on the ceiling as if I can remember that last time I was in, was very dark nearly black infact.

Blakley's 2005

Another view of this wonderful building.

On the ground floor there was six comfortable sitting rooms, the panels being in figured pitch pine and finished off with exquisitely tinted Muranese glass. There was also on this floor a snug bar and parlour, both of which were comfortably furnished, decorated and finished with Anaglypta paper, the hearths were both tiled and the over mantel done up with Tynecastle tapestry.

To the rear of the parlour was an extensive cellar, fitted with one of Harris & Co's. beer raising engines, and all the latest appliances. On ascending the spacious staircase at the rear of the bar, one at once finds himself in a large and commodious hall, capable of dining eighty persons. The hall is well adapted for marriage or other parties, and has ante-rooms attached.

Interior view of Blackley's Bar High Blantyre

Interior view of Blakley's Bar, High Blantyre. 1895.

The bar throughout is a credit to Mr Blakley and the various tradesmen who were engaged in its erection and was one of the finest bars in the area.

Mr Arthur Blakley, he may be said to be a born publican, having first seen the light under the roof of the old building, on the site of which the present handsome premises have been erected. In the old pub his father held a licence for thirty two years and Mr Blakley had held the licence since 1891. Shortly after taking over the business, Mr Blakley began to realise the necessity of extending his premises to suit the large increase of customers and the outcome has been erected of the present handsome bar.

Mr Blakley was well known for his poultry and was famed all over the country for his splendid "Hamburghs" he had produced many trophies and show then off to the customers in the bar. Numerous trophies he had gained at the Crystal Palace, London and also principal shows in Scotland. He was also a keen curler and bowler having more than once distinguished himself in the roaring game. On one occasion he was fortunate in securing a gold badge at Carsbreck, being a member of the rink which secured the Scottish Championship. In connection with bowling he was the winner of the president's prize at Blantyre in 1893. In 1915 at the Larkhall Ornitholigical Open Show he served the 2 Premier awards in game, Bantam Class. Mr Blackley also judged the variety Bantam, Hamburghs and selling Class.

Blakley's sign

On top of the building the owners initials A B crest carved in stone. Also is the address "Causeystanes 1894" the date when the new building was erected. On the upper floor a window sign can be seen advertising that a Dental Surgeon D L Swinfen occupies the premises.

In the 1881 census returns William Blakley was living at Aitkenhead Buildings, Blantyre. William was a widow aged 62 and was born in Blantyre. Living with him was his son also William who was a 25 year old and worked with his father as shopman. John Blackely was a baker like his father he was 23 at the time, Jessie his daughter was 20, Mary 17, his other sons were Arthur also a baker, Adam and Robert was still at school. The family was helped by servant Jessie Goldie a Glasgow born lass aged 24. This family must have been relations.

Blackley's Bar 1915 postcard

Blakley's Bar on the left. 1915 postcard.


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