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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Boghead Inn.

Waterside Road, Carmunnock.

In the News 1974...

Shotgun gang tie up, rob pub man.

A Lanarkshire pub manager told today how he was tied up by a shotgun gang after they had robbed the bar safe of £120.

The manager Mr. John Kennedy (35), managed to wriggle free and raise the alarm only minutes after the gang escaped. The raid happened late last night as Mr. Kennedy was sitting in his home above the Boghead Inn in Waterside Road, Carmunnock.

Mr John Kennedy of Boghead Inn 1974

Mr John Kennedy manager of the Boghead Inn. 1974.

He said that his Pyrenean mountain dog started barking and when he went out to see what was wrong he came face to face with three men, one armed with a shotgun.

Car escape

The raiders forced Mr. Kennedy to open the pub and after they rifled the safe, they tied him up. Today Lanarkshire police were still hunting for the gang who also stole bottles of whisky. The masked men escaped in a car.


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