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Brannigan's. (Swinton Tavern) (Tattlers)

236 Swinton Road, Baillieston, Glasgow., G69 6DP.Tel: 01417712018.



Brannigan's. 1991.

To read the history of this old pub and view an old photograph of the Swinton Tavern click here.

This pub is now called Tatler's.


Tattler's. 2005.

In the NEWS 1977...

I was gunned down after row in pub...

A teenager claimed today that he was shot by another youth after he had thrown beer over him in a pub.

Paul O'Neil (19) said he spent three weeks in hospital after the shooting and had several operations. At one stage he made a dying deposition to a sheriff in hospital.

During the incident outside the pub, Paul O'Neil's brother James was also shot. O'Neil of 12 Aberdalgie Road, Easterhouse, was giving evidence at Glasgow High Court in the trial of brothers Thomas and William Bagan, who deny attempting to murder him and his brother James by shooting them in Easterhouse Road on October 9.

They are also accused of pointing the gun at a friend of the O'Neil's, Mario Jacovelli, and trying to stab him.


Thomas Bagan and a third man Francis Drummond are also accused of assulting three people with intent to rob them in a house in Mount Florida on the same day.

O'Neil told the court that the beer throwing incident happened as he, his brother, and Jacovelli were drinking in Easterhouse's Swinton Tavern.

"I had an argument with Thomas Bagan, and I threw beer over him," he said. Later, as he and his friends were walking home, the Bagans appeared from a close. O'Neil said Thomas had a gun and his young brother a knife.

Cross-examined by Mr John Dowdall defending Thomas Bagan, O'Neil denied going up to Bagan with a hatchet and a razor and telling him he would be injured if he saw him in the street again.

But he agreed that he had been a member of a local gang called "The Aggro" for four years until he left it three years ago.

Consultant surgeon Thomas Menxies (54) of Glasgow Royal Infirmary, said that early on Saturday, October 10, he was called out to operate on the O'Neil's, who had serious injuries.

The surgeon said without dought both men would have died without medical treatment.


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