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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Brewery Tap.

1055 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow., G3 7UD.Tel: 01413398866.

Brewery Tap

The Brewery Tap. 1991.

This pub was opened in 1968 as the Stirrup Bar, part of this large establishment had a bar called the Beer Paddock. It was advertised that a Glasgow Bar had opened that sold no whisky. It catered for the student of the nearby University, it offered no seats and had large beer barrels as tables, this was just one unusual feature in the £40,000 Stirrup Bar.

Throughout the premises which included a bar, and restaurant, leather horse murals adorned the walls, the decor also captured the old film Tom Jones depicting characters and scenes from this 18th century era.

Racehorse themes also in leather were mounted on other walls in the lounge bar gantry at a cost of £600, a 18ft racing sequence was a feature in the dining room. Artist Andrew Barr created these wonderful realistic pieces of art work.

Interior view with leather mural

You could order an evening meal then for £1.00 and lunch would have cost you 8 shillings and 15 shillings. Eight ounce steaks was the favourite on the menu cooked by chef David Skilton, the cuisine was arranged by TV chef Eric Milligan.

The new proprietors Mr & Mrs Hamilton Bryden started the licensed trade in 1960 in the south side of the city, Mr Bryden gave up two small pubs to embark in this new venture. His wife's family were also involved in the licensed trade in Glasgow with more than 25 years experience. James Mitchell was employed as the new manager.

This pub has been known as the King Arthur, The Stirrup Bar, Bentyncks and the Tap.

image of Mr & Mrs Hamilton Bryden 1968

Mr & Mrs Hamilton Bryden. 1968.


Bentyncks 1980s.

This popular bar is now called The Drawing Room, which is situated opposite the Art Galleries. 2008.

Drawing Room sign

Drawing Room Sauchiehall Street Glasgow

The Drawing Room. 2008.

Drawing Room 2008

The Drawing Room. 2008.


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