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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Brooklyn's. Dick's Bar.

1038 Argyle Street, Glasgow. Tel: 01412486881.


Brooklyn's. 1991.

This old pub was a mans pub for years and in need of a facelift, the name changed to Latimer's before it was called the Gazelle and looks great from the outside and the inside is just as impressive.


Dick's Bar, 1038 Argyle Street 1979

The Jokes Were Smashin' Too!...

When owner John Dick, of Dick's Bar, Argyle Street, Glasgow, smashed open a gallon bottle containing cash for charity, jokes as well as coins flowed freely, thanks to popular Scots comedian Andy Cameron.

He was in the bar when John's friend, George Mulholland, a Scot now living in Canada, turned up to smash the bottle, and Andy kept the customers in a happy mood with his own special kind of comedy.

John Dick and his staff counted more than £100, which will be donated to the local Anderston/ Kelvingrove area veteran seamen and O.A.P. funds.

John (right) is pictured at the bottle opening ceremony with (left to right) Andy Cameron, George Mulholland, and John Young, of White Horse, who supplied the gallon bottle for the collection. 1979.

Gazelle Bar

The Gazelle. 2007.


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