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Bun & Yill House.

Old Dumbarton Road, Partick.

The Bun & Yuill House Tavern

The Bun & Yuill House Tavern.

The large building with a smoking chimney in the centre of this drawing of 1827 was a tavern known as the "Bun and Yill House" or Bunhouse (yill is an old Scots word for ale). It stood on Old Dumbarton Road on the approach to the River Kelvin.
The Bunhouse was the favourite tavern of a group of Glasgow merchants, bankers and professors. They would walk out to Partick from the city each Saturday to dine on roasted duck, sage and onion and green peas, washed down with locally-brewed ale. Their favourite dish gave the name to the drinking and social club they formed in 1810, the Duck Club of Partick. Their president's fondness for the fowl gave rise to the verse "The ducks of Partick quake with fear, Crying "Lord preserve us, here's McTear".


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