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46 West George Street, Glasgow. G1



Carnegie's. 1991.

Waxy O'Connor's now occupies this site.

During the 1970s Gigi occupied part of this establishment.

In the NEWS 1978...

Gigi's will brighten up the Disco scene...

Gigi's Advert 1978

Gigi's exterior 1978, with the Spaghetti House.

These was a time when an evening out in Glasgow was akin to a tour of a graveyard. If you wanted more than a night at the cinema then you would be sadly disappointed.

Happily these days of the entertainment famine are almost gone. New restaurants open almost every month, cabaret has arrived in style, and pubs have less restrictive opening hours.

The latest nightspot to open its doors to the public is Gigi's, a discotheque that is bound to win a place in the heart of any dedicated swinger.

The name Gigi might already be familiar to some of you. The discotheque was actually opened just over a year ago above Adriano's Spaghetti House in West George Street, but it was used for functions only.

Now its owners have decided to open it to the public. The official opening will be next Wednesday evening.

Gigi's is, in fact, situated in part of the old Exchange restaurant and some of the decor has still been retained. When the premises were turned into a dicotheque the owners installed the latest lighting and sound equipment, making it one of the best equipped discotheques in town.

On the floor above Gigi's is Tickers, a sort of cafe and restaurant, where dancers can take time off from dancing and enjoy a quick snack or meal.

Music in the discotheque will be played by two resident disc jockeys and it will be piped up to the restaurant above. Although Gigi will now not be availiable for private functions, the management will still be accepting group bookings. Because it is licensed, entry will be given to over eighteens only.

Discotheques have always found favour with the teens and twenties age group in Glasgow.

Well, let us face it, after a week's hard slog at work there is no better way to get rid of pent up energies than gyrating on a discotheque floor on a Saturday night.

And now that Gigi's is open each night of the week except Tuesday, it means that there can be a touch of "Saturday Night Fever" almost every night of the week.

Gigi's advert 1978

Gigi's newest discotheque. Advert 1978.

Gigi advert 1978

Gigi advert 1978.


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