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Carr's Barr.

2-4 St. George's Road, Glasgow. G3 Tel: 01413327000.


Carr's Bar

Carrs Bar, with Mr Carr and two members of staff standing outside. 1963.

In recent years this old pub has had many name changes including The Corner, The Gate, Speaker's Corner, Los Borrachos with a Merxican theme and is now called The Driftwood.

Situated in Charing Cross Mansions designed by John James Burnet in 1891 in a French Renaissance style.

This pub was opened in 1963, it was formerly a retail store. The pub was then called Carrs Barr named after licensee Partick Joseph Carr. Mr Carr commissioned architect John P Coia to carryout the work involved. Various decorative effects combined to give the frontage an unusual appearance. Among the effects on the grey faced exterior interesting island patterns of mosaic.

Carr's Bar interior

Interior View of Carr's Barr. 1963.

Patrick Carr

Left to right Mr Patrick Carr, Mrs McGee and Mr McGee, manager of the Lampost, Duke Street.

The main feature of the premises was the El Moro Lounge, situated downstairs and approached through a short tunnel. The design contours of this arched patio lounge had been broken up to create small islands of comparative privacy. Textured plaster work had been used for the arches and alcoves as well as for the ceiling.

On the ground floor, at the front was the public bar and at the rear was the cocktail lounge and sandwich bar. The skilful use of paint, sheet copper and decorative plaster on this floor presented an effect that was both pleasing and impressive. Surmounting the rear part of the premises was a cupola dome, which was part of the original building and was incorporated into the transformation scene.

What had been achieved at these new premises reflected considerable credit to the proprietor Mr Carr and architect Mr Coia and the contractors. The opening ceremony was performed by Bailie D J Docherty who congratulated Mr Carr and Mr Coia on the unique design and decor.

Mr Carr also own the old Uneeda Bar, Duke Street now called the Lampost, and Patrick O'kanes old pub on Pitt Street at the corner of Holm Street.


The Driftwood. 2005.


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