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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Cecil.

262 Rutherglen Road, Gorbals, Glasgow.


The Cecil 262 Rutherglen Road

The Cecil sat at the corner of Rutherglen Road and Commercial Road.

This old pub was established in the early part of the 1880s, landlord David Baxter traded from these premises, he also had pubs on Pollokshaws Road and Brandon Street at the corner of Annfield Street in the east end of the city.

The Cecil Bar 262 Rutherglen Road corner of Commercial Road

The Cecil from Commercial Road.

When David died his wife Jane took over the running of the business from 1887 until 1924. One of the barman in the Cecil was James McCarthy who left to live in Dumfries.

After 1924 the licence was transfered to a well known and respected gentleman called Peter McCrudden.

Mr McCrudden held onto the licence for three years then sold it to the Neeson family. One of the last licencee was a Mr Devlin who ran the pub until 1960 after that the pub was demolished as was most of the pub in the area at that time.

I would like to thank Peter Quinn for the first image of the Cecil Bar.


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