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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Cotton Club.

5 Scott Street, Glasgow. off Sauchiehall Street.


Cotton Club

The Cotton Club. 1991.

This was a favourite night club during the 1980s and 90's owned by John Quigley. It was a nightmare getting up this hill during winter evenings, it wasn't to bad leaving the premises as you would just slide downhill into Sauchiehall street when you had a bit to much to drink.

In the 1970s this was once the well-known Maryland Nightclub.

Cotton Club Interior

The Cotton Club Interior.

Once known as Maestros now called CCA patio bar.

C C A. 2008

CCA. 2008.

The once famous Cotton Club is now closed and a new bar called CCA now stands in its place.

In the News 1971...

Mystery Blaze Wrecks Dance Club.

Firemen battled for seven hours with a blaze in Glasgow's Maryland Dance Club, Scott Street, at Sauchiehall Street, early today.

As firemen fought the blaze from turntable ladders, Sauchiehall Street was closed to traffic.

Furniture destroyed

The alarm was raised just after midnight when the fire broke out in the attic above the club. At the height of the blaze, flames rose 100ft in the air and it was not until 8.0 a.m. that the firemen were in control. The dancing area of the club and most of the furnishings were destroyed by smoke and water.

A Fire Brigade spokesman said later that the cause of the fire was unknown. "Fortunately the club was not open last night," he said.

Maryland interior 1971

Interior of the Maryland after the fire. 1971.

Maestro's 5 Scott Street advert 1975

Maestro's grand opening 1975.


Maestro's night club advert 1976

Maestro's Club ad 1976.


Maestro's club Christmas 1976 ad

Christmas advert 1976.


Maestros advert 1977

Maestros advert 1977.


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