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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Country Corner.

33 Nelson Street, Glasgow. G5.


Country Corner

The Country Corner. 1991.

In the1850s Margaret Dale a dressmaker, Milliner and Furnisher occupied this site.

In 1858 a licence was granted to a gentleman called George McKay to sell wine and spirits, Mr McKay lived in Eglinton Street not far from his place of business. Jessie McKay took over the licence until 1879. New premises were built in 1881 a new landlord moved in and traded under the title of James Menzies & Co, by 1885 the firm was known as Simpson & Menzies. Manager of this pub in the late 1880s was James Robertson, the Menzies family continued in this old pub until the early 1940s. During the Second World War Allan Robertson Parvin took control of the business until the 1950s.

This was once known as the Bingham's Bar.


It's now called Bingham's. 2007.

In 1975 this old pub was known as The Jilt Inn.

The Jilt Inn 33 Nelson Street

The Jilt Inn, 33 Nelson Street advert 1975.


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