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The County Roadhouse.

Springboig Ave,Springboig, Glasgow.


The County

The County. 1991.

The County was opened in the summer of 1957. Licensee John Cameron had a bit of trouble trying to get this licence in 1955 as it was 100 yards outside the boundary of Glasgow then, the police didn't like the idea either as they thought it would attract to many people from the city and Shettleston area into the county of Springboig, and the pub would be built in the heart of a housing scheme,however the licence was granted.

At a cost of £35,000 the County was the most up-to date hostelry in the area directors of the County Roadhouse Ltd were John Cameron, Mr R Davy of R D Stewart Ltd; builders and contractors, Shettleston and J Lonergan also associated with the venture was John Y Robertson, B.L. solicitor, Hamilton, who presented the case for the granting of the licence.

The County was demolished a few years ago.

County interior

Left to right John Cameron, J Lonergan, David Baxter of William Younger & Co Ltd, John Y Robertson and R Davy.

interior of the county

Interior view of the County 1957.


In the NEWS 1978...

The County Roadhouse Springboig interior 1978

Interior view of the County Inn. 1978.

It was December 13 last year that the lounge at the County Roadhouse in Springboig was destroyed by fire. The Lounge was always very popular with local residents and it was a bitter blow to them and manageress Mrs Patsy McGuckien.

But last week a new Lounge/ restaurant was unveiled, which promises to become the main attraction in the Springboig area. "We have live music every evening and cabaret on special nights. Soon we hope to be able to hold dances," Mrs McGuckien explained.

The menu in the new Lounge/ Restaurant will have dishes like gammon steaks and haddock, but Mrs McGuckien plans to have a more extensive menu should her customers desire it.

The decor in the new lounge is very bright with circles being the main theme. Much of the seating is in semi-circles.

Scottish & Newcastle Breweries have spent £60,000 on the County Roadhouse, but they think it will be worth it.

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