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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Corner Bar. Daly's Bar.

113 Stirling Road, Glasgow. at St James' intersects.

The Corner Bar 113 Stirling Road. 1970s.

The Corner Bar 1960s.

There has been a public house on this site since 1876. Mrs Rebecca Watson was the first licence holder for these premises. Mrs Watson was not new to the trade has her husband John showed her the basic running of the pub trade.

Her husband John was licensee of a large public house at 8-10 Queen Street from 1849 until the 1870s. When he passed away Rebecca took over the licence. Just as well as she listened to her husband when he showed her the basics of the trade.

The business in Queen Street was too large for her to run it properly so she gave up the pub and moved to Stirling Road which was a smaller public house.

Rebecca resided at 29 North Portland Street in the Gorbals. Another family member to hold the licence was a Mrs Janet Watson who also lived at the same address. The Watson's sold up in 1891.

Mr James McNee then took over the business. James McNee ran a successful business here until 1916 when he passed away. His son also James acquired the licence and ran the pub as one of the trustees of his fathers estate.

James jun continued to run the pub until the end of the First World War. Patrick J Malyn then took over the pub followed by his wife who sold up in the early 1930s.

The Corner Bar 1960s.

The Corner Bar on the left. 1960s.

The Corner Bar 1960s.

Another view of the Corner Bar. Thanks to Norrie McNamee for the pictures.

James McDonald then took over the licence for a short while before Edward P Dorman acquired the licence. Edward could not have picked a worse time to buy any sort of business in Glasgow never mind a public house as the Second World War was just around the corner.

However he did survive the depression of the war times and sold up after the war.

In the 50s Laura E T Haworth was licensee, she was one of the trustees of the late Mr E H Haworth. During the 60s George Daly was the licensee the locals called the pub Daly's Bar.

Some of you will still remember John Smith who ran the pub from 1972 until it was finally demolished in the mid 1970s.


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