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The Dragon Bar.

Buchanan Street, Glasgow. G2.


Dragon the

The Dragon Bar. 1991.

This was part of the George Hotel now completely demolished.

The George Hotel was situated between two great railway stations, Queen Street and Buchanan Street, and at the head of Buchanan Street the aristocratic thoroughfare of the second city, the George Hotel, occupies a premier position among the prominent family and commercial hotels of the west.

The George Hotel has been established for a number of year, although not under that name. In the past like many similar establishments, the hotel has had a varied career. The proprietor in 1892 was a gentleman called Angus MacKay, one of the most experienced hotel keepers in Scotland. Mr MacKay although still a young man, had one of the best hotel records in the country. The hotel gained a good reputation for it's good service and the quality of it's food and drink.

Mr Angus MacKay

Mr Angus MacKay. 1892.

When Angus was twenty years of age he was a partner with Mr Forsyth, of the Cobden; then the Victoria, West George Street, has been conducted by him for over thirteen years. The Victoria was one of the most popular hotels in the west of Scotland. Mr MacKay's name was associated with the two George's, the one in Edinburgh, the other in Glasgow. Under his management both of these concerns flourished, the tariff at each being moderate, considering the high standard kept.

The hotel had grand dining-rooms, coffee and drawing rooms, and private sitting-rooms with spacious and well furnished commercial, smoking and billiard rooms. There was sixty well aired bedrooms in the property all fitted with modern conveniences. The cooking was of high-standard, the cellars well stocked with the choicest wines and well matured whisky. The George Bar formed a prominent feature of the establishment. It was on the ground floor and very spacious, the stranger was very surprised by the size of the bar. Mr MacKay prides himself on the internal arrangements of the hotel.

The Buchanan Hotel had three Stars. One of the dining rooms was called the Stage Door, it had a cocktail lounge Bar which opened 24 hours a day for guests.


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