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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Duke of Wellington.

316 Argyle Street, Glasgow. G2.


Duke of Wellington

Duke of Wellington. 1991.

n the beginning of the 1900s John Strathern owned this pub, he was also proprietor of pubs in St. Vincent Street and Caledonia Road in the Gorbals.

This old pub has been closed for years now.

In the News 1971...

Anyone got a spare pianola in his attic? If so Mr Harris Park, manager of the Duke of Wellington at 316 Argyle Street, Glasgow, would like to hear from him. Mr Harris has experimented with live entertainment in his lounge, but not with a great deal of success, probably because the place is unsuited to it.

He feels, however, that a pianola would fit in perfectly with the atmosphere at the Duke of Wellington. He promises to make sure the instrument is really well looked after and will be returned to the owner on request. Over and above that he is willing to pay up to £1 a week for the use of it.

Pianolas were a tremendous vogue at one time, so there must be plenty of them about gathering dust. If anyone wants to make some money out of his, now is the chance. But, please... don't write to me about it. Get in touch with Mr. Park at any time during licensing hours. He will be more than delighted to hear from you.


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