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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Duncan MacKintosh.

Badenoch Bar, 510 Dobbies' Loan, Glasgow.


William Smith Robb had this old pub in the 1880s, he never altered the interior as he thought there was no need to upgrade the old fashioned pub, he was either very tight or he wanted to preserve the interior of the old pub. For years old Mr Robb who seemed to be rather conservative in his notions as to the requirements of a modern bar, and just plodded away regardless of the changes that were taking place around him. In 1894 Duncan MacKintosh acquired the business from retired Mr Robb. Duncan immediately had the old pub upgraded installing a new semi-circular bar counter and gantry, a large room capable of accommodating about twenty people had been fitted out. Two tables were placed transversely across the room and on the western side a large fireplace was a feature of the place.

Mr Duncan MacKintosh was a true Highlander, full of enthusiasm for everything Celtic. He was born near the picturesque village of Kingussie in Badenoch at the base of the great Grampian chain, stretching in unbroken line from Banffshire in the east to Fort William in the west. Kingussie was then a popular summer resort. It's praises have been sung in enduring language by Professor Blackie and by minor poets.

Mr MacKintosh was deservedly proud of his native district. He was for a number of years associated with the trade. For nine years he was connected with the firm of James Calder & Co., Brewers and Distillers.

Highlanders in the area made the Badenoch Bar their rendezvous, Mr MacKintosh was the only Gaelic speaking Celt with a licence within the district. He was secretary of the Clydesdale Highland games.


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