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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Garage.

490 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. G2 3LW. Tel: 0141332 1120.



The Garage. 2005.

The Garage was formerly a night club called Shuffle's. Does this place bring back memories, if so please contact us and we will review your comments.

In the 1980s many of the youngsters frequenting Shuffle's came from Govan.

Shuffles advert

Shuffles advert 1974.

Email from Bob F... This was once the Electric Gardens night club and later became the Mayfair.

However this old place of entertainment was known as The Macushla.

Macushla Advert 1972

The Macushla advert. 1972.

Shuffles Advert 19

Shuffles Advert 1974.

Shuffles Advert 1974

Another 1974 advert.

Shuffles advert 1975

Shuffles advert 1975.

Shuffles advert 1978

Savoy advert 1978.


In the NEWS 1979...

The Mayfair dance floor 1979

The best Disco in Town gang in action.

If I Could Call The Discotune...

I was a disco freak so long ago that Saturday Night Fever was only a Tuesday morning sniffle.

In the days of Frank Lynch's first Glasgow disco in the Mayfair Club I leaped around to Proud Mary and Daughter of Darkness.

Although I now appear only at parties in various living-rooms, I still cavort like a windmill caught in a gale. And I adore the disco sounds of today. I've a great deal of sympathy for STV's The Best Disco in Town, which has just finished its run. It was entertaining, danceable, eye-appealing stuff in a second-rate way.


I liked the camera flexibility and the easy ensemble atmosphere of the singers. Few technical gimmicks intruded into the natural flow of the songs and dances. Tiger Tim is a belated find for TV, As the host, his brash, common-touch uninhibited patter sparkled like a plink, plink, fizz commercial.

He's a smasher and STV would be daft not to try to find a follow-up quiz or kids' show for him. There should be another series of The Best Disco in Town. And there are a few changes I'd like.


If technical reasons allow, it should be recorded a couple of days before going out so more chart sounds can be included. They should try for zippier singers than the generally mediocre bunch they had.

With slicker thinking the Best Disco could make Top of the Pops look like The Good Old Days.


Penthouse advert 1979

The Penthouse advert 1979.


The Garage night Club Sauchiehall Street

The Garage. 2008.


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