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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Grapes.

300 Tollcross Road,Tollcross, Glasgow. G31 4UR.



The Grapes. 1991.

This well established pub was once called St. Kentigern's. A sign of a large bunch of grapes hung above the doorway, the locals found it easier to call this pub the grapes rather than it's proper name. This was a frequent accurance in Glasgow pubs, the locals would call a pub by it's owners names although it was called something totally different.

There's been a pub on this site since 1878 owned by landlady Mart Hannah, she continued as licensee until 1890.

Peter Wilson then took over the pub, he was a real character. During the winter of 1913, Mr Wilson was stopped by the police in the Saltmarket on his day off. He had spent the whole afternoon going into the various pubs along the Gallowgate and Saltmarket, he must have been well sloshed by this time, an was fined.

At the Central Police Court he forfeited a pledge of 15 shillings for failing to answer to the charge. He told the police that although he was very drunk his horse could have taken his home safely. His licence was under threat for his foolish actions, however at the Court hearing, if he appeared in front of them again for the same complaint his licence will not be granted.

The Grapes has now been closed for a few years.

The Grapes 2008

The Grapes. 2008.

Update 2014...

The Grapes is still closed down and will probably never be a public house again. I have heard that it will be opened as an Asian restaurant. I will keep you updated.


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