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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan



191 Castle Street, Glasgow.


Kearney's Bar. 1960s.

This old pub sat between Parliamentary Road and Kennedy Street.

In the 1870s landlord David Broadfoot traded here successfully for many years. Alexander Reid took over in 1891, he went on to own another pub at 37 Hill Street, Anderston. The family continued to run the Castle Street business until after World War 2.

In 1950 Paul Alphonsus Kearney acquired the licence, he changed the name of the pub to Kearney's bar, Mr Kearney continued as licensee until the pub was demolished in the 1960s to make way for the new M8 motorway.

Kearney's interior

This enormous pile of pennies, almost five feet high was collected by the customers of Kearney's bar. Manager of Celtic Football Club, Jimmy McGrory was invited to demolish the tower of coin's, he was assisted by Mother Superior Raphael, who accepted the money on behalf of the Little Sisters of the Poor. 1965.

Paul A Kearney

Dinner dance at the Glasgow Vintners' Golf Club. 1957. Left to right Mr & Mrs Edward Hamilton, Tap Bar, Argyle Street, Mr & Mrs H McLaughlan, Central Bar, Prestwick, Mr Paul Kearney, Kearney's Bar, Castle Street, Mr & Mrs John Hamilton, The Tavern, Glebe Street.


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