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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Madeira.

106 Torrisdale Street, Glasgow. G42 8PH. el: 01414237961.



The Madeira. 1991.

Opened in 1965 by Alexander McCondach. The premises were designed by architect A Samuel.

The McCondach family have been known in the licensed trade in Glasgow since 1901 James McCondach had premises in Clyde Street, Port Dundas, Finnieston Street and Great Eastern Road now the Gallowgate, Alexander was landlord of a pub in Cranston Street.

Before the Second World War Alexander was trading from premises in Thistle Street, Gorbals and North Frederick Street. During the blitz on September 1940 Alex's pub in North Frederick Street was destroyed by a German air raid, he then took over the Victoria Bar, Bridgegate.

During the City Council's redevelopment scheme in the Gorbals the Thistle Street premises were demolished he then took over a brand new pub in Torrisdale Street.

Madeira old

At the opening of the Madeira 1965, left to right Mr A Samuel, Architect, J S Goulding, Glasgow and West of Scotland commercial manager for Scottish Brewers, Mr Alexander McCondach, J A MacDonald, Glasgow and West of Scotland manager for Scottish Brewers.

The pub is probable better known today as McNeil's Bar, Celtic legend Billy has owned this pub for years.


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