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Maxwell Arms.

4 Maxwell Road, Glasgow. G41 1QE. Tel: 0141 429 7014.

Maxwell Arms

Maxwell Arms. 1991. Sitting on the corner of Pollokshaws Road.

This was formerly a dairy run by Isabella MacDonald.

It is now called the Logue Bar.

Update 2009 now called the Maxwell Road.

The original Maxwell Arms was situated at 81 Main Street, Pollokshaws, owned by James Stewart. The old premises were demolished and Mr Stewart was transferred to a new pub at the corner of 92 Main Street and Bengal Street almost facing the old premises in 1908.

The main bar was entered from Main Street and the family department from Bengal Street. This pub didn't have an underground cellar the store and cellar was on the same level as the main bar.

On entering the main bar was made from the finest mahogany in the shape of a horse shoe, to the right and left were various little snug's. The doors were made of teak the walls were panelled with mahogany, new toilets were installed and were electric lights. Mr Stewart also owned the Bay Horse on Pollokshaws Road

Maxwell Arms old

The new Maxwell Arms sitting on the corner of Main Street and Bengal Street, Pollokshaws. 1909.

Maxwell Arms 1970s

Maxwell Arms. 1970s. This wonderful image is from a great book called Old Pollokshaws by George Rountree. A great website with loads of Pollokshaws images can be seen at


Maxwell Arms

This photograph was taken in the 1970s nothing much has changed since the pub was opened in 1908.

In 1852 wine and spirit merchant Mr P Struthers was landlord of the old Maxwell Arms Inn, his wife ran a licensed grocers business at 46 Pollok Street now Greenview Street.

During the 1860s Hugh McKinnon was licensee of the old Maxwell Arms Inn.

Well known and respected publican James Stewart owned the Bay Horse on Pollokshaws Road and the Maxwell Arms Inn in the late 1890s. The old Maxwell Arms Inn was now in great need of renovation, Mr Stewart thought it would be better to close the old Inn down and take over a vacant shop across the road and this is was turned into the new Maxwell Arms.

The following year Mr Stewart sold the premises to John McNiven and concentrated on his other pub the Bay Horse. When Mr McNiven past away his wife Mary took over the licence. The McNiven family ran the pub until it was finally closed down and demolished in the early in 1970s.

Maxwell Arms shawbridge st

The Maxwell Arms and the shops and tenement building stand alone during the massive clearance in the 1970s.

Maxwell Arms birds eye view

A birds eye view of Shawbridge Street and the Maxwell Arms. 1970s.

Maxwell Arms

The Maxwell Arms. 1970s.


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