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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Mermaid.

161 James Street, Glasgow. G40 1BS.


The Mermaid

The Mermaid, 161 James Street.

There's been a pub on this site since 1873. Landlord Samuel Pincock was born and bred in Glasgow, when he took over the pub in the winter of 1873 he was living in nearby London Road. The following year he moved to 166 James Street across the road from his pub, he was living with his wife Elizabeth, daughter Elizabeth son James step son James McFarlane a 17 year old clerk and step daughter Agnes McFarlane who helped to look after the children and did most of the domestic work around the house.

Samuel retired with his wife in North Mount Vernon in the east end if the city.

The pub is now called The Bridgeton Bar, in recent years the pub has been closed, it is now up for sale in excess of £200,000 plus VAT. For years this old pub has a history as a football following like all the other pubs in the area.


The Mermaid before and after alterations 1929 and 1930.


Bridgeton Bar

Today the pub still remains closed March 2007.


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