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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Mill Inn.

19-23 Reidvale Street, Glasgow.


The Mill Inn Reidvale Street

The Mill Inn.

The gentleman on the far right is proprietor Mr James Millen.

Thanks to Ann Cant and David Sim for this excellent photograph.

The Mill Inn sat at the corner of Annfield Street, between Gallowgate and Duke Street in the east end of the city.

There has been a public house on this site since the 1870s which was owned by landladies for many years. In 1875 Mrs Elizabeth Cameron was landlady she was succeeded by Mrs Elizabeth Jessie Galletly Dickson in 1885. Mrs Dickson paid an annul rent of £62 in 1899. She continued to serve the locals here until 1910.

The licence was then taken over by James Wallace the first man occupant of the pub since it opened. The pub was half the size it was when it was called the Mill Inn, the address was 23 Reidvale Street number 19 was owned by Thomas Glen another business in the street. James Wallace was living in nearby Annfield Place with his wife and family. Mr Wallace continued to run the pub for just over twenty years when the licence was taken over by publican Robert McHaffie.

Mr McHaffie was still running the pub after the Second World War, he lived at 351 Edinburgh Road, Carntyne.

In October 1955 James Millen was the new landlord, he continued to run this popular east end bar until if was demolished like many other pubs in the east end during the 1970s and 80s. James Millen renamed the pub the Mill Inn a name which was very appropriate.

Mr & Mrs James Millen group photo 1972

This photograph was taken in April 1972 at the Glasgow and West of Scotland Women's Auxiliary Group dinner dance in the Marlborough, Glasgow. Left to right Mr & Mrs James Millen, assistant secretary; the president Mrs and Mr O G Prosser; Mrs John Young, vice president; Mrs J Macaulay,secretary and Mr Macauley.


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