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Montford House.

27 Curtis Avenue, Rutherglen, Glasgow. G73. Tel: 01416325171.


Montford House

Montford House. 1991.

Opened in 1967 by well known Glasgow publican and businessman Jack Gow.

Jack Gow was senior vice-chairman of the Scottish Licensed Trade Veto Defence Fund.

It took three and a half years of difficulties in the planning of the Montford House.

The exterior of the new public house was white roughcast with a series of blue arches along the main front wall. A hacienda effect had been achieved with the making of the windows in small squares or rectangles apart from one big window at the centre where the pent house grill looks onto the road. As well as a large lounge on the ground floor, there is an upstairs lounge, a cocktail bar and a grill.

The main bar counter was of natural grey brick, providing an effective contrast to the polished pine panelling on the pillars, panels and upstairs ceiling.

In the Grill room you could see your steaks being prepared against a background of spruce black tiling. The seats were green and grey upholstered, the tables marble topped and the floor had a red carpet. The cocktail bar was located between the Grill room and adjoining lounge. There were around 25 staff ready to serve you under the managment of Mr Vincent Paterson.

Montford House interior

Interior view of the Grill room, Montford House. 1967.


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