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Moon, White Elephant.

92 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. G2 3DE. Tel: 0141 332 5883.



Moon. 2006.

This was originally The White Elephant then Night Moves and Rooftops now the Moon.

White Elephant advert 1976

White Elephant Adverts 1976.

White Elephant advert 1976

White Elephant advert 1976


White Elephant advert 1977

The White Elephant advert 1977.

In the NEWS 1977...

Woman held after city disco blaze...

Detectives arrested a young woman after an early morning fire forced 250 people to flee from one of Glasgow's city centre discos today.

The arrest came shortly after a 1.45 a.m. blaze was discovered at the White Elephant at 82 Sauchiehall Street.


A CID spokesman said, "A young woman has been charged with fire-raising. She has now been freed pending further inquiries." The alarm was raised by disco manager Robert Brown (24). Nearly 30 firemen, some wearing breathing apparatus tackled the fire which started on a first floor stair landing, two floors below the disco in which more than 200 young people crowded the dance floor.

Flames and thick smoke spread quickly up the stair well badly damaging timber panels. Manager Robert Brown, of 23 Bogton Avenue, Muirhead, Glasgow, smelled smoke.

He and a steward went to investigate, thinking it was due to an electrical fault. When they saw flames leaping up the stairway, they immediately asked dee-jay Gordon Drummond to announce a fire alarm.

The disco was in full swing at the time, but the dancers, including members of the Castle Doune Football Club with their wives and friends, left without panic down a fire escape leading to a lane at the rear of the building.

The cost of the damage has not yet been estimated. Later it was stated the disco would be open as usual this evening.


A few years after the fire at the White Elephant, it reopened as the Roseland.

Roseland advert 1978

Roseland nightclub advert 1978.


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