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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Peargrove Tavern.

29 North Woodside Road, Glasgow.


Peargrove Tavern

To read the full history of the Peargrove Tavern Click here.

Peargrove Tavern

Exterior view of the Peargrove Tavern. 1955.

Update... Jimmy Gibbons sent this email in 2008...

This establishment was the reason my father strayed from Religion....Each Sunday on his way to St. Joseph's (facing the Pub) for 12 o'clock Mass, he 'MISTAKENLY' seemed to ENTER the rear entrance of The Peargrove.

Then in his wisdom, ten minutes before Mass ended ( thinking that he would not meet the Priest..Fr. John Lyne speaking to his Flock.) He would nip along to 'THE HAIRY CORNER' situated on the corner of Lyon St. and North Woodside Rd. This was owned by his pals..Willie and Peter Byrne..( Later the owners of the HAWTHORN BAR in POSSIL.)

Then around 3pm in the afternoon when the 'Old Man' was lying on the couch..''Resting his Eyes''..Father Lyne would appear and announce that he noticed him missing from Mass..and it seemed that he had seen someone fitting his description sneaking into the 'PEARGROVE' just before 12 o'clock Mass,as he looked out of the Chapel House window...?????
These were the days when pubs didn't open on Sunday...!! 


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