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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Phoenix.

3 Stepps Road, Glasgow. G33 3NQ.



The Phoenix. 1991.

The Phoenix was demolished last year 2004.

Thanks to Peter Mortimer for the email: The Phoenix, at 3 Stepps Road was built on the site of a hamlet called Bertrohill. Indeed Springboig Road was previously known as Bertrohill Road.

Janet Munro email me on the Phoenix Hotel, Janet has an extensive knowledge on the area surrounding the Phoenix. .. The Phoenix Hotel was built on the land that belonged to the Caskie family. The original house an old Victorian Villa, a Cooperage out the back that made whisky barrels. I know this property well as I used to play with the daughter Irene in the late 1950s. Mr Caskie is the brother of Dr Donald Caskie better known as the Tartan Pimpernel who helped P. O. W's escape from France in World War Two.

Bertonhill Terrace was a row of terrace houses where the Social Security Office in now built. I kwon this property well as this is where Dr Cutler had his surgery in the early 1950s when I moved to Cranhill in 1953. I now stay in Rankinston a wee village 12 miles from Ayr. You never forget the area you grew up in.

The high flats in Cranhill are built on a wee hamlet called Tow Row, it just had a few houses.

Many will still remember this as the Stepps Hotel. The Stepps Hotel used to hold weight watchers classes in one of the function rooms in the 1970s. Liike many women still to this day start their diet on a Monday and by Thursday they have had enough and would then start their diet all over again next Monday.

Do you remember this Hotel or the Pheonix Bar if so PLEASE get in touch with your stories or memories.


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