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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Pickwick.

Shawbridge Arcade, Pollokshaws.


Staff of the Pickwick 1970

Pictured at the opening of the Pickwick in the south side of Glasgow by Scottish & Newcastle Breweries are four members of the West of Scotland area staff. Left to right June MacCall; Ena Singer; Margaret Smillie and Joyce McArthur. 1970.

Dickensian touch in South Side of Glasgow.

An era in which special provision would be made in bar lounges for children was envisaged by Bailie Thomas Henderson when he opened "The Pickwick" a new Scottish & Newcastle Breweries managed house in Shawbridge Arcade, Pollokshaws, Glasgow.

The Pickwick, a bar lounge and lounge-restaurant, had, he said, all the modern intimate, and comfortable dining and wining facilities for couples to enjoy a pleasant and leisurely outing.

He did not see even these high standards being the finish of the terrific developments there had been in recent years. It might well be in the future that side rooms would be provided so that parents could take along their youngsters. The children could be supervised, and mineral waters and light meals made available.

Mr G W Younger, a director of the Scottish Brewers, explained that it was the policy of Scottish & Newcastle Breweries to provide the image of their public houses.

After pulling the first pint, Bailie Henderson was presented with a set of crystal goblets by Mr Younger.

Four attractive young ladies from the West of Scotland area staff dressed in period costumes, added a touch of "live" Dickensian flavour.

The interior design was very effective. A number of murals by Fraser Designs of Edinburgh, depict characters and scenes from that famous novel, "The Pickwick Papers." In the "Bob Sawyers" lounge Bar, which is on the ground level, are two of the larger murals. One, entitles "Mr Pickwick Addresses The Club," was 18 foot long; the other, called "Conviviality at Bob Sawyers," was 17 foot in length.

Male staff in this bar dressed in striped waistcoats, with long style bar aprons of the Pickwick era.

The "Sam Weller" lounge restaurant was on the first floor and had an unusual interior setting. Sections of intimate booth seating had been sited beneath a specially constructed canopy roof abutting from the wall and lined with slates. A 16 foot mural titled "The Breakdown" had been mounted behind the gantry, and showed a coaching upset involving Mr Pickwick.

Throughout the Pickwick was a series of individual mock oak carvings from the dickens novel- persons like Sergeant Buzfuz; Dr Slammer; Mrs Bardell and Mr Tracey Tupman.

Female staff in the lounge-restaurant wore white blouses and maxi skirts.

The manager was Mr William Wright, who had been with Scottish & Newcastle since 1968. He formerly managed the Albany and Fountain public house.

The Pickwick advert 1975

The Pickwick advert 1975.

Pickwick advert 1977

Pickwick advert 1977.


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