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292 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. G2 3JA. Tel: 0141 332 5457.



Porter's. 1991.

This was the site of the famous Ross's Dairy. In 1973 Philip Sidney Walters occupied the premises as a public house and licensed restaurant known as the Maggie.

Group images with Mr Philip Walters 1975

Tennent Caledonian Breweries were hosts at a tasting and buffet in the Radnor Hotel, Clydebank. (Left to right) Mr. E. Tarquini, Cisco; Mr. D. E. M. Matthews, Tennent Caledonian; Mr. P. Walters, The Maggie; Miss S. Hytch; Mrs. P. Walters; Mr. A. M. Brown, Station catering manager, Travellers Fare, Glasgow; Miss M. Irving, bars manager, Queen Street Station; Mr. W. H. Finlay, sales director, Tennent Caledonian; Mrs. R Fretwell; Mr. M. B. P. Fraser, Tennent Caledonian, area sales manager, Glasgow West; Mr. R. Fretwell, The Oriental. 1975.


In the NEWS 1979...

Ghost with a Vodka Taste...

Maggie interior sauchiehall street 1979

A hard days night for manager Brian Dougall. 1979.

A Ghost with a taste for 100-proof vodka is haunting a Glasgow pub.

The ghostly goings-on at The Maggie in Sauchiehall Street are scaring the living daylights out of the staff and customers.

Chairs moving by themselves, glasses shaking and freezing temperatures in the darkest corners of the pub have convinced the staff that a spirit is haunting them.


But the worst sin of all, according to manager Brian Dougall, is that the ghost is drinking his private supply of 100 proof vodka, without even breaking the seal on the bottle.

"It's quite extraordinary," said 29-year-old Brian, from East Kilbride. "The ghost is drinking my vodka without even breaking the seals on the bottle. Already the equaivalent of two half is gone from some of them."

Brian, who took over as manager of the Maggie only a month ago, decided last night to see once and for all if there really is a ghost in one of Glasgow's favourite drinking haunts. He stayed past the witching hour of midnight, ready to face the Maggie's ghostly intruder.

Armed with blankets, coffee and some stronger refreshment Brian sat out the lonely hours last night.


He said this morning: "It was pitch black after all the lights went out, and much colder than it should have been.

"I kept imagining I heard movements at the back of the pub, but I'm not so brave that I was going to go investigate by myself." Brian survived the night unscathed, without any appearance from the ghost. But he is convinced the Maggie is haunted.

"One of our cleaners refuses to go alone into the back area of the pub, and there certainly is a strange atmosphere there," he said.

The previous owners of the pub had two dogs, which refused to go inside the building, he added. Brian has, however, a grudging respect for his ghostly customers. "It's taking the best booze in the house," he said. "It's just a pity it has to be mine."


Porters was a one of the best entertainment pubs in Sauchiehall Street at one time. Yates's now occupies the site.


Yates's, photograph taken October 2005.

Yates's Tel: as above.

Yates Sauchiehall Street 2008

Yates's. 2008.


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