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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Possil Bar.

314 Saracen Street, Possil Park, Glasgow.

Possil Bar Saracen Street at Mansion Street 1920's

The Possil Bar. 1920's.

Many who live in Possil Park will remember this old pub as the Crusader or Williamson's. It sat at the corner of Saracen Street and Mansion Street.

There has been a pub on this site since 1880 run by Robert Stewart. Mr Stewart lived at 333 Farnie Terrace in Maryhill. He continued to serve the locals here until 1896. The licence was then transfered to wine and spirit merchant George Williamson. George lived at 185 Saracen Street, a great place to live then and in close proximity of his businesses which also included premises at the corner of Possil Road and Craighall Road, many will remember this old pub as the Possil Bar.

Mr Williamson continued as licensee until 1934. The pub was then taken over by John Clark, he continued to run the business until the 1960s. Many will remember one of the last licensees' Mr John Macadam.

Do you have any memories of this old pub. If so please get in touch.


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