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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Provanmill Inn.

1218 Royston Road, Provanmill, Glasgow. G33 1EX.


Provanmill Inn

Provanmill Inn. 1991.

I passed this well established pub last week and it was in a state of disrepair, it has been destroyed by fire and the vandals have smashed the rest of the windows, it's a shame to see this old pub is now no longer opened an will never be a pub again.

The original Provanmill Inn was situated across the road at the corner of Royston Road and Ranza Place. In the late 1880s licensee Robert Morrison and his wife Isabella occupied the Inn under very strict rules that now drunk or rowdy person would be served on the premises. The couple lived and met in the village of Torrance of Campsie and took over the Provanmill Inn when he was only 24 years of age.

Robert was a keen sportsman and athlete, he was an excellent runner and leaper, he encouraged athletic games of all kinds and the local cricket and football clubs were indebted to him for the free use of a field adjoining the Inn where practice of games and matches were played regularly.

Mr Morrison was also a dog lover breeding his own prize winning retrievers. Before taking over the Provanmill Inn Robert had several years experience in the catering trade as footman in the New Club, Glasgow, for five years.

In 1899 Mrs Morrison was the new licensee for the Inn paying an annul rent of £35. After the Second World War, Isabella Murdoch Morrison continued to run the family business, she resided at 1218 Royston Road at the corner of Provanmill Road the site of the present Provanmill Inn.

Mr & Mrs Morrison

Mr & Mrs Morrison with their family 1893. Proprietors of the Provanmill Inn.


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