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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Quarter Gill.

42 Oswald Street, Glasgow.


Quarter Gill

Quarter Gill. 1991.

There has been a pub on this site since 1870, spirit dealer James Tennent lived just around the corner in Ann Street. Two years later the pub was owned by Thomas Kirkham , the name above the door was Kirkham's Bar with wine & spirits at each side of his name.

Thomas Kirkham was born in England in 1830 at an early age he joint the forces and fought in the Indian Mutiny. He met his wife Margaret in Barbados, West Indies. They had 8 children Matthew the eldest was born in Tyzebad, Thomas and Jessie were both born in Sutapore and Mary Jane was born in Kussarolie, East Indies. When they settled in Glasgow they had another four children Margaret, Annie, James and Arthur.

Thomas took over the pub in Oswald Street in 1872 trading here until his death in 1917, he was then residing in Kent Avenue, Jordanhill. His son Thomas George Kirkham then took over as trustee, he had the most experience in the licensed trade as he ran 2 pubs of his own in Ingram Street and West Campbell Street. When his father died he left no estate except £1000 and his pub which was quite a lot of money in those days, his two unmarried daughters were solely dependent upon the business.

Thomas jun later disposed of the pubs in West campbell Street and Ingram Street and took over another in Paisley Road at the corner of Pollok Street. He continued to hold the licence for Oswald Street until 1939.


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