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Rabbie Burns.

153 Trongate, Glasgow.


Rabbie Burns

Rabbie Burns. 1930s.

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1888 the opening of the Rabbie Burns Tavern, 151 Trongate, Glasgow. A pleasant little convivial meeting was held the other evening on the occasion of the opening of Rabbie Burns Tavern, by an old pressman, Mr David Gilmour, late of Buchanan Street. Amongst the company present were :- ex-Deacon Convener Warren, Bailie Shaw, Major Menzies, Messrs John Jexlong, Matthew Paxton, William Black, Thomas Steel, William Moore, T Arbuckle & Co..

Ex-Deacon Convener Warren proposed health and success to Mr Gilmour in a few well-chosen remarks, to which the worthy host made a felicitous reply. The premises are fitted up in first-class style, and are the model of the Clanneries Bar in the Exhibition. They are designed by the same architect as McKenzie's bars, and when completed will certainly be one of the most attractive and comfortable houses in the city.


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