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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Regent Moray.

1377 Argyle Street, Glasgow. Tel: 01413570261.


Regent Moray

The Regent Moray. 1991.

There's been a pub on this site since 1878. James Docherty the landlord served the locals here until 1889, trading under the name of James Docherty & Company.

Francis Grant took over the pub in 1890 until his death in 1903, Mr Grant also ran a small pub in Stockwell Street for many years, the pub stayed in the Grant family until the 1960s.For many years this old established pub was known as The Regal.

John E Jackson a well known figure in the licensed trade took over The Regal as it was then called before he went bankrupt. Mr Jackson owned some of the best known pubs in the city of Glasgow including Jackson's Dog House in Dundas Street, the 100 Bar in Crown Street and the Carmunnock Inn, Carmunnock and the Garfield Hotel, Cumbernauld Road. John renames the pub to "Jackson's Place."

The Regent Moray takes it's name from the nearby street of the same name, it is now called Spub Mulligan's. It's handy for visitors of the Kelvin Hall and the Art Galleries which is now closed for refurbishment.


The Regal Bar 1930s.

The Pub kept it's royalty title with a new name in the 30s.

The University Bar Argyle Street

The University Bar. cirac 1924.

In the early 1900s the pub was known as the University Bar, a reminder that Glasgow University is nearby.

John E Jackson and his wife

John E Jackson dancing wife his wife. 1950s.

Kelvin 2007

The Kelvin. 2007.

The Kelvin as it is known today has a for sale sign up, you would think this would be very popular with the tourists as the City Art Gallery and the Kelvin Hall are a stones throw away. Maybe the owners of the pub is asking to much money for the premises, this is usually the case of many pubs in the city. I hope to see it open shortly.


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