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9 Westwood Road, Pollokshaws, Glasgow. G43 1DU. Tel: 0141 632 0688.



Shaws. 1991.

The Shaws was in built in 1962 by architect Tom McKay, Paisley for Gorbals publican Edward Barrett. Mr Barrett was evicted from his old premises the Halfway Bar at 442 Rutherglen Road at the corner of Gilmour Street as a result of the redevelopment in the area, he was one of the lucky publicans who was granted a transfer to have a pub in a scheme.

Shaws old

Shaws. 1962.

Architect Tom McKay deliberately avoided using gimmicks and set out to have simplicity as the keynote throughout his plans for The Shaws. One striking feature in the cocktail lounge was a beaten copper panel frontage to the bar which was illuminated from concealed lighting. Walnut was used for the counter top, the gantry display stood out against silver grey facing brick, one wall was lined with panels of Canadian walnut and another covered in Japanese grass cloth. Other features of the lounge was a carpet with a mottled design of green and blue, wall seating and chairs were in olive green and the timbered pine ceiling which had a large cut-out revealing a blue ceiling. An eye catching feature at the entrance to the lounge was a mosaic representing the Manhattan skyline designed by Mr Henry Hellier, head of the interior decoration department of Glasgow School of Art.

Shaws Interior1

Interior views of The Shaw's 1962.

Shaws interior2


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