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The Stanley Bar.

69 Stanley Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow. G41 1JA. Tel: 01414291806.


Stanley Bar

The Stanley Bar. 1991.

There has been a pub on this site since at least 1884. Landlord George Dalrymple also ran other successful pubs in the city of Glasgow including premises on the Trongate and two pubs on the Great Eastern Road (Gallowgate,) he also ran a Home Brewery on Great Eastern Road (Gallowgate) Tennent Caledonian Breweries later took over the old brewery. The Dalrymple family went on to own another well known pub in the east end on Duke Street at the corner of Salamanca Street.

George Dalrymple was born in Kirkintilloch in the 1830s, his wife died a young woman, by this time George was living in the Gallowgate with his three daughters and two sons George and William.

After the death of George his son William took over the business, many will still remember one of pub, the Grove, Gallowgate which was demolished in the 1980s, Parkhead Forge occupies the site of this old pub.

In 1903 James Mason took over the licence paying and annul rent of £49 10 shillings. The pub sits on the corner of Stanley Street and Milnpark Street however Milnpark Street was then called Park Street.

During the 1930s Alexandra N Mitchell was licensee, she occupied the premises for over thirty years.

Update September 2016:

We gave the Stanley Bar a wee visit at the weekend. This is one of the very few Celtic Pubs in the area. During Old Firm games this pub is jam packed with no elbow room to spare. Landlords John & Irene welcome new and old customers to this old favourite pub in Kinning Park.

The Stanley Bar Kinning Park 2016

The Stanley Bar September 2016.

Stanley Bar interior 2016

Interior view of the main bar. 2016.

Main Bar in the Stanley Bar Kinning Park 2016

The Main Bar, 2016.

interior view of the Stanley Bar 2016

A corner of the Stanley Bar 2016. Some nice old pictures hang on the walls.

Stanley Bar 2016

Another corner of the Stanley, 2016.

Stanley Bar banner Welcome

John & Elaine Welcomes you to The Stanley Bar. 2016.

Stanley Bar Kinning Park Celtic Supporters 1960

Kinning Park Celtic Supporters Club 1962. This bus run was on a Sunday as all the pubs closed on Sunday. I wonder where these guys were off too.

Old image of the Stanley Bar Kinning Park

This old image of the Stanley Bar can be seen on the on the inside and outside of the premises.


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