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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Sussex Bar.

37-39 Sussex Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow.

exterior view of the Sussex Bar bus trip with customers outside

The Sussex Bar customers ready to go on their annual trip to the coast. All the trips were on a Sunday when the pub was closed. In this image even some of the regulars took their kids on the trip. A case or two of beer and a few bottles of whisky with an accordion player were also on board.

There has been licensed premises on this site since 1878. The first licensee was a firm called Golder & Hunter.

William Golder a wine and spirit merchant started the trade in 1867. He had premises at 157 Garscube Road, 76-78 Nelson Street and lived at 18 Rosehall with his family.

The other partner Edward Hunter wine and spirit merchant started out at premises 135 Gloucester Street, his home was at 147 Hospital Street.

The two partners started out around 1873 and traded as Golder & Hunter. By the 1870s the firm was trading from their wholesale & retail wine & spirit & malt liquor merchants business at 144-46 Main Street, Anderston, I Middleton Place, 135 Gloucester Street, 157 Garscube Road, 76 Nelson Street, Tradeston.

Ten years later more premises were added to their empire including, 14 North Albion Street, 76 Centre Street, 233-35 Parliamentary Road, 7 St Andrew's Road, Pollokshields and their wholesale business at 144-46 Main Street Anderston. Years later the firm owned premises at 652-54 Argyle Street (now the Buttery).

After the 1900 John Middleton, James Robertson and John A Robertson all traded under the title of Golder & Hunter.

In 1919 Mr D. L. McMillan was licensee for this pub followed by Mr A Fyfe in 1933. Mr Fyfe lived at 18 Patrickhill Road, Hyndland.

Other licensee to hold the licence were Hugh O'Neil 1934-1940s.

Annie McNeil took over the licence in the 1950s then Mr John Madden in the 1960s. The pub was then demolished by the City Council redevelopment in the area.


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