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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Tavern.

272 Stobcross Street, Glasgow.



The Tavern sat at the corner of Stobcross Street and Finnieston Street.

Shortly after this photograph was taken the pub was demolished 1964.

There has been a pub on this site since 1858, occupied by Matthew Quin. Charles Howard then acquired the licence and continued serving the locals here until 1866.

John F Muir took over the business in 1868 and continued as licensee until 1880.

Mrs S Loughran acquired the licence in 1881 and continued to hold the certificate until 1898. She lived in Dumbarton Road and took over another two licence's one at 26 Elderslie Street and the other at 55 London Street now London Road. When she died the licence was held by a trustee John King before William John Loughran took over the running of the pubs in 1900, he also was a trustee for the late Michael Loughran. The business now consisted of 26 Elderslie Street and two pubs on Stobcross Street, the Tavern and another pub at number 222.

After World War 1 William's wife Jane acquired the licence, she continued to do so until 1930. Janie Mary Carr Loughran then took over, she held the licence until the 1950s.


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