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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Ye Olde Tramcar Vaults.

246 Maryhill Road, Glasgow.


Tramcar Vaults

Ye Olde Tramcar Vaults sat at the corner of Maryhill Road and Hopehill Road.

This part of Maryhill Road was formerly called New City Road and was changed in the early 1920s.

Old sign

The Ye Olde Tramcar Vaults model tramcar is now back on public display in the re-opened Maryhill Burgh Halls… Thanks to Gordon Barr, Heritage Development Officer.

John Barrie acquired the premises in 1880 and continued as licensee until his death in 1900. Mr Barrie also owned the famous St. Andrew's Vaults, Kent Road now the Avalon Bar. Mr Barrie lived at 348 St Georges' Road in 1880 before moving to Blythswood Drive in the early part of 1900.

Tramcar Vaults2

After his death trustee David Somers took over the licence and continued to hold the certificate until after WW1.

William Barr took over the pub in 1930, the old tram on the rails that hung over the pavement was a famous landmark for years on Maryhill Road. When the pub was demolished in the late 1970's the tram disappeared for a while but was found it's way into the Peoples Palace a few years later. Mr Barr lived at 50 Burnbank Terrace.

Tramcar Vaults3

Ye Olde Tramcar Vaults, taken from North Woodside Road. 1960s.

Tramcar Vaults4

Ye Olde Tramcar Vaults taken from Hopehill Road. 1950s.

Tramcar Vaults with J D Wilson

Ye Olde Tramcar Vaults in the background with James D Wilson in the foreground.

Ye Olde Tramcar Vaults tram

Thanks to Ken Stevens for this image of his model of a Tram going along Maryhill Road at Ye Olde Tramcar Vaults.


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