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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Waverley.

37 Dunn Street, Bridgeton corner of 147 Bernard Street, Glasgow.


The Waverley

The Waverley sat at the corner of 37 Dunn Street and 147 Bernard Street.

Dunn Street was formerly called Preston Street.

In the 1870s this old pub was owned by Malcolm Martin.

Margaret Murphy acquired the licence in 1891, she was a member of the Flynn family of wine and spirit merchants in the city. Margaret was twice married, he full name was Margaret Flynn McConnell Murphy. The Flynn family owned the Springfield Vaults, London Road, The Old Mill Vaults, Millburn Street, The Caledonian Wine & Spirit Vaults, Great Eastern Road now the Gallowgate, premises at Coulter's Lane and Garngad Road. The family went on to own other well known pubs throughout the city.

The name Maggie Murphy always reminds me when I was a wee boy, and if I did something wrong, Maggie Murphy would come and take me away. I wonder if this is the same woman that owned this old pub.

Mrs Murphy retired in 1918 owing to her retirement the Coulter's Lane premises were dissolved, the Millburn premises carried on by Mrs Murphy and the others by Philip, David Vincent and James Flynn under the title of Flynn Brothers.

David Vincent Flynn took over the Waverley from 1917 and continued until the end of WW1.

During the 1930s James Patrick Henry was licensee here, one of the last licence holders was James Gavagan who occupied the premises in the 1960s.



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