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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The State Review - 2015

148a Holland Street, Glasgow. G2 4NG.

The exterior to the State is in great condition. The signage is traditional and clean. There was no dedicated smoking area.

When we walked into the pub, the bar staff greeted us within 30 seconds and were extremely friendly and made us feel welcome. The regulars were very pleasant. The pub is decorated very traditionally, with barrels, pictures and paintings. There is a fantastic window at the back with Johnny Walker Whisky displayed, as well as a massive mirror covering the other side of the pub. There was a few areas that were quite dusty, but nothing terrible.

Hanging on the wall are a few frames from the regular golfers that come in. Every year, the person who comes last in their tournament must wear a terrible shirt and have his picture put on the wall for all to see.

The toilet had just been redecorated and was very clean. There was enough space for disabled users and there was also hot water available.

There is no food available at the pub, but they have a wide array of ales available to try. The prices in the pub are average for the area with a pint of lager costing £3.15, Cask Ale £3.20 and vodka £1.90.

For entertainment, The State have a Blues band on Tuesdays, Comedy on Saturdays and Americana Gigs. CAMBRA were also having a meeting the day we visited the pub.

This is definitely a pub I would recommend. I will certainly be back and hope you will give them a try.


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