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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Christopher Foulkes.

102 Adelphi Street, Gorbals, Glasgow.

Mr Christopher Foulkes

Mr Christopher Foulkes. 1887.

Mr Christopher Foulkes was born in Wicklow, where his father carried on a somewhat extensive business as ship carpenter, young Christopher sniffed betimes the briny deep and apprenticed himself to a seaman's life in a Dublin vessel. At this time he had the benefit of a good deal of training with his elder cousin, the famous Captain O'Neil, of the yacht "Irex," who was then his constant companion. Later on he became chief cook of the S.S. Broomhaugh, of Newcastle, and during his services in this vessel he has a narrow escape of his life; the decks were blown off in the Bay of Biscay, he had his leg broken, and received several burns which have left their mark. He was otherwise so severely injured that it was over six months before he could leave the hospital. However, after recovering he entered the service of a Glasgow company of ship owners as Steward, and during nine years in their various ships he gained experience in men and matters in China, Australia and Europe, and was proud of telling his adventures and accidents to his friends and customers of the pub.

He was a little vain of relating how he saved the life of Miss Houston, daughter of Captain Houston, of a line known by that name. Like many rovers he had settled down to a snug little pub on Adelphi Street. He was the burgess of the city, and made a good start as a family man, having a genial and pleasant wife and a little daughter.

In 1888 he sold the pub to Gourock wine and spirit merchant Archibald Gordon for £550.00. A vast amount of money for a pub on Adelphi Street. The pub had five rooms or little snugs, it was quite a bright bar with eight etched large glass windows. The pub had good clean lavatories and all the seating was cushioned, maybe it was worth £550.00.


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